Angelica Rubio | Every Down Ballot Vote Counts
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Every Down Ballot Vote Counts

Every Down Ballot Vote Counts

From the attempts by the Republican Party of New Mexico to intimidate minority, first-time voters into not exercising their right to vote in 2008, to Steve Pearce’s embrace of illegal voter suppression tactics at the polls in 2012, presidential elections are proven to bring out the worst in the GOP in the Land of Enchantment. One need look no further than Nora Espinoza’s radical push for strict voter ID laws to see that this disgraceful tradition continues.

If you ask me, the best way to prevent Republican abuses of power is to deny them access to that power in the first place. While there is no question that the 2016 presidential slugfest is compelling, down ballot races are equally, if not more important when it comes to protecting democracy for all.

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