Angelica Rubio | Ghost Candidates
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Ghost Candidates

Ghost Candidates

At times it’s been scary out on the campaign trail.  The ghosts of candidates not seen or heard.  Their names listed on programs, but nowhere to be found..  the unclaimed name badges left behind at the sign in table and their empty seats at the forums. They are the “invisible candidates” not willing to face their constituents.  And then there are those candidates unwilling to reach out and engage with the rising and diverse electorate.    Either way, it’s scary.

Worry not, there’s good news for voter engagement for southwestern civilization as we know it. According to the Dona Ana County Bureau of Elections more than 17,000 of our neighbors and friends have already voted early, which is the highest turnout recorded to date. But now is not the time to get caught napping in the graveyard, please join me in doing all that you can to ensure that everyone you know votes between now and November 8th!

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