Legislative Update - Week in Tweets - Angelica Rubio
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Legislative Update – Week in Tweets

Legislative Update – Week in Tweets

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Once again, it’s been a difficult week to pen down the New Mexico Legislature with thorough and deep analysis of what is occurring at our 30 day session. With bills being introduced and then pulled faster than you can say “Dear Editors,” it seems we’re in for another down to the wire, nail biter, frustration-fest in the remaining days before sine die.

Per usual, you’ll find some of the links to the stories behind these brief but gripping stories, as well as stories I believe you should follow, that is — if you want to make it into the home stretch, without getting a bad case of political whiplash.

Full House Approves $6.3 Billion Budget Bill

Food Tax Talk Reemerges as Budget Worries Grow

Support growing for Senate’s bipartisan Real ID compliance bill

Immigrant licenses at lowest level since 2003.

New Mexico Anti-Choice Copycat Bill Dies in Committee

Effort to cap minimum wages in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Las Cruces dead on arrival.  

Bail Bond Amendment Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

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