Angelica Rubio | Politicians vs. Leaders 
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Politicians vs. Leaders 

Politicians vs. Leaders 

Politicians have their eyes on the next election. Leaders look to the next generation.
In the six short weeks since winning the primary election on June 7, I have watched in grief-struck horror as:
–49 LGBTQ men, women and allies were massacred in Florida,

— 3 more brown and black men, Anthony Nuñez, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were brutally murdered by hyper reactive police in San Jose, Baton Rouge and St. Paul,

— 8 police officers who were randomly assassinated in Texas and Louisiana,

–Countless peaceful protesters are being beaten and arrested during heated demonstrations across the country

And that’s just on the domestic front. Sure, southern New Mexico is wildly peaceful by comparison. But if there’s one lesson that we’d be wise to take away from these bloody few weeks, it’s that leadership matters. I must admit this is a daunting thought for a first-time candidate who has chosen this volatile moment in history to jump into the political fray. Yet after more than a month of soul-searching, asking myself if I am truly ready to lead, I most sincerely reply that my answer is a resounding YES.

For this reason, among others, I am no longer satisfied to campaign as yet another candidate basking in the luxury of finger pointing and petty partisanship. Instead, I will make my case to the good people of District 35 as the leader I strongly believe that we ALL deserve and need in 2017. From the start, ours has been a campaign of ideas. From this day forward, it will be a campaign of ideas in action.

To be perfectly frank this is not the kind of bold effort that I can undertake alone. In the coming days, I will be asking for input from constituents as to issues and opportunities they’d most like to see me tackle in the 2017 legislative session. I will also be reaching out to many of you and ask that you join me in this endeavor.

Until then…

Yours in solidarity,

Angelica Rubio

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