Rubio’s Ride 2021

For the last two years, Rep. Rubio has ridden her bicycle to Santa Fe and hosted town halls along the way, in an effort to connect southern and rural New Mexico to our State Capitol. Because of our current battle with COVID19, Representative Rubio will defer her ride for next, but connecting with constituents will continue. Starting January 10, Angelica will launch her town halls virtually, leading off with a legislative overview on Sunday.

Follow Rep. Rubio on her journey to connect Southern and Rural NM with the legislative process. If you live in Southern NM, join her on the tour and find out how YOU can share your voice in the upcoming Legislative Session.

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The Purpose

The purpose of this ride is to connect Southern New Mexico and rural communities by creating an opportunity for dialogue as we approach the legislative session. The bike ride is a personal journey that I hope will resonates with New Mexicans as a representation of the challenges we must overcome collectively. 
I’m seeking an outcome that will produce greater engagement and understanding of the legislative process. I also hope to create a better relationship between New Mexicans and their legislators to foster open communication, or maybe inspire others to run and/or organize in their local communities. 

The Bills

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The Schedule